Theo Von Net Worth: Then and Now


Introduction: New Name, Many Roles

Theo Von plays many Hollywood roles, from being a movie actor, a TV star, video star, and a professional stand-up comedian. Born Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski, he shortened his name to Theo Von.

Background and Parentage

Theo Von Net Worth: Then and Now

Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski was born when his dad, Roland Aschilles, was 70 years old. His mother, Gina, had both Irish and Italian descent, while his father was of Native American and Polish heritage.

Education and a Good Start

Theo Von Net Worth: Then and Now

After receiving legal emancipation at fourteen, Theo Von finished high school in his home state of Louisiana. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Orleans, he discovered his love of stand-up comedy and decided to apply.

Humor as Therapy

Theo Von Net Worth: Then and Now

Theo’s passion for the genre of observational comedy stemmed from an innate need to use humor as a coping mechanism. Like most comedians, he saw it as a coping tool and a way out of poverty.

Cameo Acts

Theo Von Net Worth: Then and Now

There are several cameos played by Theo Von, including various appearances as a contestant in several game shows over the years. His big break happened when he appeared in Road Rules: The Maximum Velocity Tour. He expanded his stand up routine in 2016’s Acting Out.

Net Worth

Today, Theo Von’s net worth sits at $500 thousand, which is not bad for stand-up comedy. He continues profiting from his podcasts, and to this day is honing his innate talents.