Which oil to fill in Volkswagen Polo 1.4. What oil pour into the Volkswagen polo into the engine

For all-season oil — dual number. The first is viscosity at a negative temperature. The second is viscosity at the plus temperature.

Low-temperature viscosity indicators:

  • 0W — used at temperatures up to -35 degrees. FROM
  • 5W — used at temperatures up to -30 degrees. FROM
  • 10W — used at temperatures up to -25 degrees. FROM
  • 15W — Used at temperatures up to -20 degrees. FROM
  • 20w — Used at temperatures up to -15 degrees. FROM

High temperature viscosity indicators:

Much more interesting is the second number in the designation — high temperature viscosity. It can not be so simple, as the first, to translate a language to understandable to a clear motorist, for this is a prefabricant indicating the minimum and maximum viscosity of the oil at operating temperatures of 100-150 ° C. The larger this number, the higher the viscosity of the engine oil at high temperatures. It’s good, or it is bad for your engine — knows only the car manufacturer.

SAE 5W30 or SAE 5W40

What oil is flooded at the factory in the engine? What to buy on topping?

The Volkswagen brand manufacturer fills the engine oil into engines, which, according to its properties, fully meet the requirements for the tolerances that are listed below.

Thus, using data on the tolerances of motor oil, you can buy any engine oil on top of the top.

What motor oil poured dealers to the polo sedan?

The dealer company will necessarily offer to replace the original engine oil. Unfortunately, its cost does not always justify itself.

To reduce the cost, dealers can offer other engine oil, any other that corresponds to the tolerances specified above.

It can be motor oils of moths, Gazprom and any other.

One of the most affordable cars on russian market is VW. Polo Sedan. This European representative successfully competes with Asian machines ( Kia Rio. and Hyundai Solaris.), as well as with the products of Domestic AvtoVAZ. To the strengths of the sedan, experts include a stylish design and a powerful unpretentious motor. To ensure the durability of the power unit, the owner of the car should carefully select the engine oil. Modern engines have minimal gaps, high power due to row additional systems and aggregates. therefore technical fluid Must have a good penetrating ability, excellent lubricating properties and an excellent cleansing opportunity. What motor oils are able to cope with this set of tasks?

  1. First provide durable work Engines Volkswagen Polo Sedan original oil. It is poured on the factory conveyor, it is used by car services serving warranty cars. The only drawback of this material is a high price. Yes, and buy in the outback such a product is unlikely to succeed.
  2. Many manufacturers of motor oils received approval from the VW concern on their products. Such material can be careless to use, both when servicing fresh and significantly aged machines.
  3. Many motorists have their own extensive experience in using motor oils. Trying to save, they successfully experienced semi-synthetic liquids. But not all of them are capable of performing the tasks.

Our overview got the best engine oils for Volkswagen Polo. In drawing up rating, experts took into account the following criteria:

  • compliance with the material specifications and admission VW;
  • technical parameters of oil;
  • price range;
  • expert opinion;
  • owners of the owners of Volkswagen Polo.

Best semi-synthetic oil

When choosing semi-synthetic oil for Volkswagen Polo. Attention should be paid to the innovation of products and consumer reviews. Not all semi-synthetic is able to reliably protect the VW power units from wear during high loads.

3 Total Quartz 7000 10W40

Best price
Country: France
The average price: 1 083 rubles. (4 l)
Rating (2019): 4.8

For most modern gasoline and diesel engines, including Volkswagen Polo, the French semi-synthetic Total Quartz 7000 10W40 will suit. Lubricant is recommended for multiclapped engines, including models with turbocharging. The product is offered to the consumer best price, while it provides good lubricant Driving parts and cleaning the motor from combustion products. All high performance features Save while refueling the car with unleaded gasoline or liquefied gas.

The manufacturer used the technology that allows you to create a low-grade oil. Therefore, the engine is easily started at low temperatures. This quality confirms the reviews of motorists in the club Volkswagen Polo Sedan, which began to fill the lubricant in the motor of their car. Negative statements are connected mainly with the purchase of counterfeit products.

2 Mobil Super 2000 x1 10W-40

Optimal combination of price and quality
Country: Finland
The average price: 1 300 rubles. (4 l)
Rating (2019): 4.9

Profitable combination price and technical parameters marked experts in engine oil Mobil Super 2000 x1 10w-40. The semi-synthetic can work for a long time in gasoline engines, preventing wear and removing sludge. The product received approval to use not only from VW, but also from AvtoVAZ and Mercedes Benz. The manufacturer managed to achieve high viscosity stability, so oil can be used in summer, and in winter. The motor is well lubricated even during severe frosts.

The domestic owners of Volkswagen Polo, which began to pour Mobil Super 2000 x1 10W-40, report visible. Many of them call oil with better semi-synthetic. Especially pleased with the optimal combination of price and quality. Special minuses of U. lubricant There are no practical, only fakes are found on the market.

1 Motul 6100 SYNERGIE + 10W40

Reliable engine protection
Country: France
The average price: 2 140 rubles. (4 l)
Rating (2019): 4.9

Motor oil Motul 6100 Synergie + 10W40 provides reliable protection engines that work on different types Fuel. Lubricant levels low quality gasoline, which is relevant for russian conditions operation. Thanks to the introduction of new manufacturing technologies and adding modern additives, high resistance to aging and excellent antioxidant properties have been achieved. This allows you to increase the replacement interval.

The composition has a reinforced synthetic component, which prevents the volatility of the product, gives the oil with an excellent cleansing ability, reduces friction between the details. Domestic motorists note the resistance of lubricant material to freezing, reliable engine protection. Owners of the Polo owners on the forum of the authoritative site drive2 are flattering about him. The disadvantages include a high price and a shortage of this oil in the trading network.

Best synthetic oil

In the synthetic oil segment, many products claim to be the best lubricant for the VW engine. Experts chose several products that fully comply with the requirements of the automaker.

5 Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30

Best price
Country: Finland
The average price: 2 025 rub. (4 l)
Rating (2019): 4.6

The line of synthetic oils from the famous manufacturer Mobil Super 3000 is different affordable price and excellent cleaning indicators. The material contributes to an increase in the motor’s engine test, as well as a decrease in fuel consumption. The product is a minorial oil suitable for petrol engines, and for diesel engines. It is recommended to use it in modern power units equipped with the exhaust gas recirculation system and catalytic neutralizers. While creating lubricant High-tech additives were used. They stabilize all oil parameters, providing easy launch Motor in winter.

Polo hosts celebrate such advantages Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30 as low price, Economical fuel consumption, availability in auto shops. The disadvantages are distinguished from the disadvantages after 3000 km of run.


High performance properties
Country: Germany
Average price: 3 426 rub. (4 l)
Rating (2019): 4.7

Engine oil Liqui Moly Synthoil High Tech 5W-40 Experts are already called the classic synthetic genre. Thanks to high operational qualities, the product turned out to be universal. It is perfect for cars of different types. Lubricant was created on the basis of polyalphaolenes, which are hydrocarbons of artificial origin. Distinctive feature Oil is the high stability of all technical parameters, starting at a temperature and ending with high loads. Due to the short viscosity, the lubricant instantly enters the work area, where it effectively reduces friction and completely removes the Nagar and other deposits.

Owners Volkswagen Polo, which pour Liqui Moly Synthoil High Tech 5W-40 engine oil, mark the quiet engine and zero consumption. By minuses include only a high price.

3 Castrol EDGE 5W-40

Fully synthetic oil Castrol Edge 5W-40 recommend pouring Volkswagen Polo in motors official dealers. Creating a new lubricant, the manufacturer has introduced many own innovative developments. The product retains a stable viscosity and excellent lubricating properties throughout the entire intersavice interval. Even when the engine operation in the limit load mode provides wear resistance of parts. Another unique technology Fluid Strength Technology gives oil temperature and mechanical stability.

Domestic owners of Polo Sedan and other models of the VW concern are flattering about the properties of Castrol Edge 5W-40 synthetic properties. It is available at a price, makes the engine work soft in any situations. Unfortunately, there are many fakes with low oil quality on the Russian market.

2 Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40

Profitable alternative
Country: United Kingdom Netherlands
The average price: 2 240 rubles. (4 l)
Rating (2019): 4.9

Synthetic oil has been created for modern motors Shell Helix. Ultra 5W-40. It effectively lubricates the parts, conducts high-quality removal of combustion products. Car service specialists who are engaged in the repair of engines, mark the cleanliness of motors with big mileage. In addition to VW, this lubricant is approved for using Ferrari. Obtaining a synthetic base occurs according to the Shell PurePlus technology from natural gas. In combination with the branded additives Active Cleansing Technology, the manufacturer managed to get the most advanced synthetic for Volkswagen Polo.

Domestic motorists on thematic forums allocate such advantages. oil Shell. Helix Ultra 5W-40, like availability, high performance, soft engine operation. When buying should be very attentive, since there is a lot of fakes in Russia.

1 Volkswagen Special Plus 5W-40

Original synthetics
Country: Germany
The average price: 2 612 rub. (5 l)
Rating (2019): 4.9

Especially for new Volkswagen cars with mileage up to 100 thousand km developed synthetic volkswagen oil Special Plus 5W-40. It is poured on the factory conveyor, they use branded service vehicles for maintenance. Lubricant fully complies with all specifications and admission VW. The product has a synthetic base, additives are added to it, specially designed for Volkswagen motors. This is evidenced by the prefix in the title Special Plus. Oil has all the necessary lubricating and cleansing properties.

Owners of Volkswagen Polo, which follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and pour Volkswagen Special Plus 5W-40 oil, mark good launch power aggregate In any weather. Lubrication fluid is the best protection for the engine. By cons can be noted only a high price.

Hello my dear and deeplywater reader. This is one of the first articles on my blog and the topic of this article is close to me as anyone else. I am the happy owner of the car Volkswagen Polo (or Volkswagen Polo to whom it will be more convenient). It is happy, since the car never failed me, well, almost never, the falling rear mudguard on the way to Yalta does not count, but this separate history. Mileage is approaching 23 thousand, as well as remembering that the oil in the previous time I changed the oil somewhere a year ago, I decided to change the oil for the second time during the possession of the car. Remembering yourself a few years ago, when I spawn the Internet inserting a zero: Butter for Volkswagen Polo and broke the head, what to fill. In the process of reading the article, you will learn the answer to the question: what kind of oil to fill in the Volkswagen Polo engine? And I’ll tell you what I am in the engine of my car.

In the previous car, it was, I made a choice in favor of the original Ford Formula oil. Here I decided to go the same way and began to consider the original from brand Vag. , suitable cars Audi Skoda Volkswagen SEAT brand. Opened instruction manual and looked at the manufacturer’s recommendation. Then she scored the received data in the search engine and it gives me .

Both options in 5 liters have cost from 3500 to 5,000 rubles. The tear rolled down the cheek when I remembered the original ford oil Formula, worth about 1,800 rubles. Do not count me with a feet and job, but five thousand are busting, I buy oil for the car, and not for a spacecraft or a marshode. I even am afraid to assume at what price the dealer floats if the maintenance is maintained from him. This is not my option.


We go further, again open the instruction manual and see which requirements makes a manufacturer to oil. Looking for tolerance. About the miracle here it is, with fixed periodicity maintenance VW 502 00 tolerance, for flexible service frequency — VW 504 00 and Longlife liquid. I try, not as you have to, so we take the VW 502 00 tolerance.

The manufacturer’s admission is the standard of quality of the oil product used in the engine, all the parameters that the car manufacturer considers the necessary when used working fluid.

Choosing a manufacturer

Next, we all just look at the engine oils corresponding to the specified tolerance. Here the choice is yours, dear readers. I chose Castrol Magnatec for myself, with an index of SAE 5W-30 A3 / B4, a capacity of 4 liters. I can boast that I found it for only 1690 rubles. Evaluate the difference with the original, the price is almost three times. I will not argue that this best oil For Volkswagen Polo, and nevertheless, no comments on the engine work on this product I do not have. The canisters with a capacity of 4 liters just enough, since the required volume of the working fluid will be 3.6 liters, and in practice and even less (data for 1.6 liter engine). After all, you know that 100% will not work.

Also write my vision of the issue of replacement on each drain plug Engine crankcase pallet with gasket. I will change not on every thing, but through one, do not consider me with a fit of)))

At this story, I finish, in the article I told you how oil I chose for my car. I think the article is useful and save you time on collecting information on the Internet. In the meantime, you can read how I traveled to Volkswagen in and. Before connection!

Due to the loss of its properties, engine oil requires a systematic replacement. Even in a working engine, it loses its performance (oxidized, worsens by additives, contaminated). It is also possible to get into the cooling substance carcinet, oil dilution with combustible and severe contamination with Soch. What high-quality oily substance along with efficient additives restrains soot and other oxidizing materials while maintaining the purity of the surface inside the POLO engine?

Preparatory work: Oil selection for Volkswagen Polo Sedan

When replacing the liquid in the engine on the Polo car in the Sedan body, you should know well how much and what substance is needed for replacement. So what oily substance is recommended to apply? Of course — the original, manufactured by Volkswagen (standard AEA A2 / A3 501 01, 502 00, 503 00, 504 00, with a viscosity of 5W40 / 5W30). These lubricants are produced in Europe (Germany).

Some car owners apply oil from other manufacturers. But it should be remembered: Be sure to adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer of the car by viscosity class and always check the lubrication level.

Important! For optimal operation of the Volkswagen Polo, the sedan must use 3600 ml motor fluid (The mark on the dipstick for checking the number — between min. and Max.)

Acquire engine oil for the polo sedan engine better with a margin to always be able to increase the level and pour it if necessary. Also, always consider the mileage of your car.

Filter Replacement Filter for Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Replacing on the recommendation of the manufacturer itself is carried out every 10-15 thousand km. But more and more often this procedure includes more variatives. For example, in the cold period, the oily substance is recommended to change once every six months, and when using the car in the metropolis — every 4 months.

When using Polo Sedan in difficult conditions, replacing the oily liquid is better twice as often (7-8 thousand km). Not easy conditions — this is:

  • movement in the metropolis, in traffic jams;
  • constant road for a short distance;
  • parking vehicle long time;
  • riding a car in dusty and dirty conditions;
  • low quality fuel poured.

Types of lubricant fluid: properties, dignity

The types of lubricant are distinguished:

  • Synthetic (manufactured by synthesizing with a chemical reaction);
  1. almost does not change its viscosity under the influence of any weather conditions;
  2. ensuring easy car start in winter;
  3. extends the Volkswagen Motor resource polo sedan when operating and any loads;
  4. availability of a large number of additives
  • Semi-synthetic (mixture of mineral and synthetic substances);
  1. thickening for low temperatures and diluted at high;
  2. affordable price.

The main criteria when choosing an oil for Volkswagen Polo:

  • manufacturer’s recommendation (type and brand of oil liquid);
  • take into account mileage (more than 100,000 km — semi-synthetic).

When changing the climate there is a need to change the oil to non-original. Almost in all polo at the factory, the manufacturer applies high-quality liquid Castrol EDGE Professional Longlife III, perfectly suitable for the middle strip and moderate climate of operation. To select a non-original lubricant, it is better to resort to the help of the official representative of the company. He will tell you what should be pouring into a car for a specific habitat. Neoriginal fluid is used as if it is necessary to take into account such factors:

  • viscosity criteria;
  • presence of necessary additives;
  • replacement systematics;
  • the operation of the filtering element on a specific type of lubrication.

Causes of large lubricant consumption by car folkswagen polo sedan
Sources of increased use of the motor lubricant is difficult to detect independently, but maybe. There are such major factors affecting its level of consumption:

  • wearing engine (the oily solution appears in the ventilation system, moving to the air filter);
  • out of service of caps valve system gas distribution (suddenly arises, as a result of overheating, the engine can harden the cap cable and it will lead to a breakdown);
  • a problem with piston rings (Lubrication spreads through the walls of the cylinder, and its residues are removed by the edges of the rings. The higher the wear of the edge, the greater the use of lubrication in the motor);
  • low-quality oily substance.

If you use low-quality lubrication, exceeding its mileage, it is suspended and oxidation. In this case, sediments are formed on the parts of the motor and pistons of POLO SEDAN, which are difficult to remove. Coking rings may appear (they stick to the pistons) and this leads to a malfunction and breakdown.

With normal wear of the ROLO Sedan motor and its further operation, increased consumption of substance is also possible. The problem appears due to increasing gaps (piston / cylinder), which leads to chips and jams on the cylinder mirror wall. Thus, this substance falls into these irregularities and becomes unavailable for oil-chained rings, burning with the next cycle. At the same time, the lubrication level decreases.

Oil filtration element and its features

The filter is a guarantee of good motor operation. It accumulates the elements harmful to the car. Oil filter It should be changed at each shift of the engine fluid. This filter element is a sieve, cleaning and collecting solid microparticles (dirt, metal). When it is clogged, the flow valve ceases to pass oil and harmful substances Can damage the motor, circulating in lubricant on it.

The filter element cannot be disassembled or restored. Most often, car owners apply only the filtration elements. It should be remembered that the purchase of a fake or a cheap option will definitely turn into additional costs:

  • replacement;
  • greater lubricant consumption;
  • defective work.


After replacing the lubricant on your car Volkswagen Polo sedan, you can operate the machine until the next replacement. To determine the exact interval of the replacement of the engine fluid should be considered:

  • operating conditions (temperature range, load, driving manner);
  • what is the quality of lubricant and how much to pour it.

But remember that you should always be based on the information provided in the service book from the manufacturer. Everyday, using the car, remember that you must independently check the level of the engine fluid using the measuring device and pour it only to special marks on the dipstick. This procedure is carried out if:

  • the car is exactly and horizontally;
  • the engine was cooled after work.

Important! It is forbidden to top up the engine oil, changing the manufacturer or with another viscosity! It is not recommended to resort to the services of the express replacement services of the fluid, as this does not guarantee the complete merging of the old lubricant from the engine pallet.

If the oil level decreased, it should be simply adding. Also periodically follow and monitor: there are no external signs of flow (spots on Earth after parking). The use of any cleaners for the oil system («5 minutes» or oil-spindle) can also lead to vehicle breakdowns. Flushing is best carried out using special additives contained only in high-quality material.

Claim device for lubricating liquid «Heart» of a car

And a little about the secrets of the author

My life is not only connected with the car, namely repair and maintenance. But also I have a hobby like all men. My hobby is fishing.

I started a personal blog in which I share my experience. Many things try, various methods and methods for increasing the catch. If interested, you can read. Nothing superfluous, only my personal experience.

ATTENTION, only today!

The history of the brand is strongly connected with the history of the 20th century. If you build all the company’s models, you can see the history of the development of the entire world automotive industry since the 30s of the last century. The company’s models have always met the requirements of the market and preferences of motorists. Company name reflects it essence Volkswagen. — Literal translation folk car. 21 century of technology and numbers. It would seem, and what could offer a company with such a name, in the era of digital technologies? The company found this answer in his past.

The company’s first car was called Volkswagen TYP 1 Käfer. Translated into Russian Käfer — Beetle! Requirements for the car, were as follows: a small car size, but convenient for 4 people, with maximum speed up to 100 km / h and economical motor. The price of the car is not more than 1000 brands. The created car answered these requirements and became a bestseller. No car was produced so long as a beetle of 65 years.

2003 became the last in the history of the model. Who receiver? Golf? Polo?

Golf laid the beginning of a car class, in the line of models were like expensive charged cars and cheap utilitarian, but they needed a car that meets the requirements of the requirements in the 1930s. They became the POLO model!

Compact car, with a worthy price. We must admit that the model has become successful, many of the owners of the beetle have translated on this model.

From 1975 to 2017, Polo was released in 7 generations. But the most interesting thing happened with the 6th generation. The company decided to adapt this model for countries where preference was given to the body of the sedan. One of the countries has become Russia. Marketers were not mistaken, the model became very successful! However, the model began to be called otherwise Polo Sedan.! This model has become a full-fledged receiver model beetle! Decent design, beautiful driving performance And unpretentious engines allowed to be worthy of acting as an alternative, removed from the production of beetles.

Volkswagen cars have general requirements for oils, uniform for all models, but different in regions. In particular, for countries with unstable fuel quality for gasoline cars, it is recommended to use oils with VAG 502 00505 00 tolerances.

For long and smooth operation of gasoline engines Volkswagen. Polo Company Liqui Moly. GmbH recommends using Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 oil, having a tolerance of 502 00505 00. This is modern buttercreated on the latest NS synthetic basis and using a high-quality additive package aPI class SNCF. This oil fully complies with the requirements for oil-oriented oil-oriented fuel, namely: has a high alkaline number, excellent detergents and antifriction properties. The oil provides easy launch in frosty weather and provides fuel economy installed by international standards. Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 oil.