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Help! My Volkswagen hood is stuck

How to pop the hood of your Volkswagen

Not everyone is a car expert, so some questions frequently go unanswered as people try to avoid revealing just how much they don’t know. Your hood might be stuck, or you may simply have never had to open it before. Either way, we’ll spare you the pain of asking anyone how to pop the hood of your Volkswagen by giving you instructions.

How to open and prop up a Volkswagen hood

If you’ve come here thinking the process for popping a VW hood is different from other cars, we’re sorry for accidentally piquing your interest. It’s a really simple two-step process mechanics and gear heads should be all-too familiar with. First you’ll reach into the footwell on the driver’s side, where a small lever pulls up to release the hood. You should hear the familiar “pop” noise as it releases, and the hood will lift up. The reason it doesn’t open fully is to prevent it from flying up and blocking your view while driving, should the first catch fail to hold it.

The next step to opening the hood is probably where you’re caught if you’re here looking for instructions. Since there is a second catch, you can’t simply lift the hood like you might a trunk after popping it open. Slide your fingers under the hood and feel around by the VW emblem. Slightly to the right should be another release lever, which you simply lift up with your fingers or pull toward you as you pull up on the weight of the hood. Some models will stay up on their own, while others have a rod to prop the hood on. Pull up on this rod, lift it up, and slide it into the corresponding slot on the inside corner of the hood. Now you’re ready to check out that VW engine, or flaunt it to friends.

How to open a broken VW hood

So maybe the above section was us pulling a “Captain Obvious” on you, and you’re really stumped on how to open your hood when it appears to be broken. Since there are two latches, you can obviously have something go wrong with either one. If it’s the footwell lever that doesn’t cause the hood to bounce, then the cable connected to that lever may be worn or broken. If that does work, then it’s likely the lever located at your grille that is preventing the hood from popping.

If it’s the cable that isn’t working, you may be able to get a screwdriver into the latch area and move one of a very small lever to get it to release, but this might involve a bit of trial and error as you won’t be able to see much with the hood down. If it’s the lever by the grille that is broken, you may have to remove the grille, if possible, to access the handle and physically pull on the piece. There are a few YouTube videos that show the full mechanics of it, but if you aren’t comfortable taking apart the front end we’d really recommend you come to the Trend Motors service center and let us take a crack at it.

Do you have specific VW questions you’ve always been afraid to ask? Leave us a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them, otherwise be sure to check back here at the Trend Motors Blog for more.