VW Passat DIY — Adjusting the Automatic Headlight Beam

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Way back in 2017, I had a minor accident in the Passat which required the left headlight assembly to be replaced. After the replacement, I found that the focus was not as good as before. On subsequent services, I requested the Service Advisor to have the beam alignment checked and adjust, if necessary. I was told that the adjustment is good.

A few days back, I found a way to adjust the beam (this is applicable for a 2012/12 Passat Highline):-

Park the car so that the projector in the headlight assembly is 25 feet away from the wall, as shown in the sketch below. Measure the height of the centre of the projector assembly from the ground (in my case it was 27.5 inches).

Turn off the ignition and switch to ACC mode and turn on the headlights.

Connect the VCDS and go to «Select Control Module». Then select «Headlight Range» as shown below

After you enter the Headlight Range Module, select «Basic Setting» as shown below

Then there will be a drop down menu, click on «Adjust Basic Setting». Wait for the module to show status as «running».

The height of the beam can be adjusted with a 6mm Allen Key. It is advisable to carry out the adjustment of the Driver Side first. Adjust the height so that the cut off of the beam is 4 inches lower than that of the height of the headlight from the ground — in my case I adjusted it to 23.5 inches. I had covered the left headlight when adjusting the right side one & vice versa. The left headlight beam was adjusted to 2 inches higher than the right side beam — 25.5 inches.

Once adjusted, open the drop down menu and click «Acknowledge Basic Setting» and hit GO, see below

Exit the VCDS and your beam alignment is done

26th November 2020, 17:21 #1