Thread: How to change/replace the fog light bulb on your Polo 6R

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  • How to change/replace the fog light bulb on your Polo 6R

    I’ve just got my Polo not so long ago and first thing i usually do to my car? To change any yellow bulb into white ones. Just a personal preference thing, don’t judge me

    I have done quite a bit of search in the past couple of weeks to find an easy step by step guide for changing the bulb. However, it’s either i missed it with my very small pair of eyes or it just doesn’t really exist anywhere. I did came across couple of very briefly mentioned DIY steps but i don’t think they are enough for those people who are not very confortable with doing DIY on their car (myself included). As for the user manual, yes it does mentions how it should be done, but I believe (if i remembered correctly) it misses couple of steps.

    So, here you go, here is what you need to do to replace/change the fog light bulb.

    1. Bulb size — Let’s get the first thing out of the way, the bulb size. It is H8, no more guessing. And i chose Philips Diamond Vision. Always wanted to get one but only until now i got a chance to fit one on. For those people who are interested in getting their hands on one. Here is the eBay shop/link I purchased the light off.

    I actually bought it in person (Just email this seller), he is more than happy to sell it outside eBay with a slightly cheaper price. It costed me $55, i didn’t haggle so you might be lucky getting even cheaper. However, I just realised the eBay price has been raised from around $65 to $90, not sure what’s going on.

    As for whether they are genuine? Well, I can’t guarantee anything, but all I can say is that it looks genuine and the guy seems to be a decent and nice dude. I even got a Tax Invoice! :O

    On the side note, I read from some other forum that always go for 35W instead of 50W coz it might burn and melt the housing. And yes, the philips diamond vision is 35W.

    2. Preparation — all the tools you need should be all provided in the tool box next to your spare wheel in the boot. If you can’t find it in your new car, call your dealer. One is the metal wire with a hook at the end and the other is the screwdriver (obviously. )

    3. Get the cover out — Take that metal wire and slot it into the small opening hole on the fog light cover (i marked in red at below picture). Once the hook is in, you should be able to hook it at the back of the cover. Now use a bit of force to pull the plastic housing out.

    Be careful, the pointy end of the cover can be snapped quite easily. I snapped mine when i pulled my cover out, but it’s not visible to say the least, so oh well, don’t give a thing. Moving on.

    4. Get the foglight unit out — by now, the fog light housing become accessible. Unscrewing the bottom two screws (circled in yellow) is the easy bit. The slightly tricky part is the lugs (circled in red) which clip on the top of the unit and prevent the foglight unit from sliding out. What you need to do is to slot a flat head screwdriver in to press the lug and separate the foglight unit and pull the unit towards you «a bit» (enough for the unit to be «freed from the clip»). Once done, do the other one (two lugs)

    5. Swap the light bulb out — once the unit is pulled out, things start getting really easy here. I believe it doesn’t really need much explanation from this point. Swap the bulb out with something new you have and reverse the above steps and you are DONE.

    6. Here is a photo with one side done.

    Now, do I like it, mn. yes and no. I like it coz it’s not as yellow as the stock one. I don’t like it coz it’s not white enough to match the LED Daytime running light. Don’t get me wrong, the Philips Diamond Vision bulb is very white as a halogen bulb, but sitting next to a stock LED is just no match. And the blue tint on the bulb is kinda ricey. it might be perfectly fine (or even cool) for some, but not for me. Yes, i should have known it before i bought it.

    Once you turn on the stock HID, you almost got three different white color light sources (White leve: LED > Foglight > HID). While it might sound really bad, it’s actually alright if you see it in front of you. It’s just not very much what i expected. Might research more later on to see if i can get some really white HID & Foglight bulbs to match the LED. Maybe a 6000k HID Bulb with LED foglight bulb. But for now, this is it, good fun after all.

    Good luck with it and have fun.

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