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Take advantage of Bluetooth in your VW

Steps for Pairing Your Phone to VW Bluetooth

Remember when the most complicated technology in your vehicle was a simple cassette player? It’s been many years since systems have gone from tape decks to CD players, then from MP3 compatible and Bluetooth. Now with VW Car-Net App-Connect, smartphone connectivity is even more advanced, but only for those who are sitting behind the wheel of the newest 2016 models. For everyone else, you still might require the steps for pairing your phone to VW Bluetooth, and we’re here to help.

What does pairing a Bluetooth device do?

The most obvious benefit of using the Bluetooth feature in your Volkswagen is the ability to make hands-free phone calls. Nobody likes to make phone calls when driving, but if you must, connecting your phone before you head out on the road means you don’t have to drive with one hand. There are few people pleased when a driver switches lanes without signaling, and this is all-too-often the result of driving with a cellphone in hand.

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Another great benefit of using the Bluetooth option is the ability to access audio on your phone. You’ll be able to play any downloaded music or podcasts through your Volkswagen speakers. Radio apps will work too, if your phone is able to stay connected to your mobile network while you drive.

Getting started with Volkswagen Bluetooth

Now that you know why you want to get connected through Bluetooth, we’re going to teach you just how easy it is. First, you’ll want to make sure your device is compatible with the system. Remember, Bluetooth has only been available in VW vehicles since the 2010 model year.

Though the process is similar for most vehicles, you may find some slight differences depending on your year and model. If you still have trouble connecting after reading the below instruction, feel free to contact us here at Trend Motors with specific information about your Volkswagen.

  1. You’ll need to have your vehicle parked, have the parking brake applied and put your car in accessory mode.
  2. Connectivity must be attempted within three minutes after putting your vehicle in accessory mode, as this is when the system actively seeks out devices.
  3. Look for the Bluetooth option on your smartphone and search for nearby devices.
  4. Choose VW Phone.
  5. You may be prompted to allow automatic connectivity in the future and to allow phonebook access.

The above instructions are some of the simplest, but again, the instructions may differ depending on your particular vehicle. The below vehicle shows the process for a VW Jetta SportWagen, Golf or GTI.

As you can see, some models will provide prompts on your audio system, which you can accept by pushing the OK button. Other models may require you to start off by pushing the phone hardkey on the infotainment system and enter a pin number after your phone and VW find each other.

We hope these instructions will help you get started with pairing your cellphone. For more tips like his one, be sure to check back here at the Trend Motors Blog.