Dsg Oil Leak


Kombi 204 DSG 4Motion
  • 20 Aug 2018
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  • After some advice from the techies. Van has been into dealer today for an oil service, all okay except a small oil leak from the DSG gearbox.

    They advise that the work will take a couple of days as they have to epoxy the bolt in. Have checked on the forums and found the same problem from other owners and the dealer I went too have given me a print out of the VW worksheet with the step-by-step instructions to pass onto my local dealer or another where I will be next week.

    On holiday with the van so want to wait until I get home to use the local dealer but is it okay to do this or should I find a dealer who can do the work straight away.

    My mileage is 6700, 204 BiTDI DSG 4 Motion.

    Thanks in advance.


    • 20 Aug 2018
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  • It’s a common problem on some DSG vans.

    And as you say it’s been highlighted on the forum and VWCV has the fix.

    They use Epoxy resin to seal the bolt. So they need to clean the area. Remove bolt. Add resin. Fit bolt. wait 24hr for resin to cure. Test for leaks. Hence the repair duration quoted.

    It’s more of a slow oil weep than a big leak. Your see the damp patch on the bottom of the box if yours is effected.

    If it was me I’d prob wait till I got home.

    Unless you had a big pool of oil under the van. but that very unlikely.


    Kombi 204 DSG 4Motion
    • 20 Aug 2018
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  • Thanks Dellmassive. Sort of what I was thinking that if no pool of oil then okay.

    Certainly hadn’t seen any on the drive at home before coming away so hoping just a weep.


    Kombi 204 DSG 4Motion
    • 25 Feb 2019
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  • Just a bump on this thread to see if others have or had the same issue.

    My van has been into the dealers three times now and I still have a leak from a bolt towards top of gearbox. Back to dealer again today for a quick inspection and book in for further investigation.

    As far as I can tell, at each visit the dealer has carried out the same repair as per the service bulletin. I have also raised a case today with VW Commercial Customer Service and I am awaiting callback from a Case Manager.

    The way I see this is either the

    1) repair method is flawed
    2) the replacement bolts are faulty
    3) the dealer is ineffective in carrying out the repair process
    4) the gearbox casing is damaged

    Three repairs so four bolts/washers used including original from factory so I am assuming that the replacement bolt/washer is not the problem.

    Does anyone else have this re-occurring issue and how many times before fixed?

    Anyone had the issue and was fixed first time?

    As your dealer used a different method to fix other than the VW Service Bulletin method (new bolt/washer and epoxy resin)?

    Any good contacts on the forum who can help get this escalated within VW?