Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual: Folding the seat cushion and backrests on the rear bench seat forwards and backwards

Fig. 82 Rear bench seat: folding the rear seat cushion forwards

Fig. 83 Rear bench seat: release button в‘ , red marking в‘Ў or release button в‘ў

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The rear seat cushions and backrests can be folded forward to extend the luggage compartment.

Folding the rear seat cushions forwards

  • Pull the rear seat cushion up by the front edge in the direction of the arrow .
  • Fold the rear seat cushion forwards in the direction of the arrow .

Folding the rear seat backrest forwards

  • Push the head restraint all the way down or remove it, if necessary .
  • Pull release button forwards or pull up release button в‘ў and fold rear seat backrest forward at same time. For single rear seat backrests, both release buttons must be pulled at the same time.
  • The rear seat backrest is unlocked when you can see a red marking in the release button .
  • Passengers (adults and children) must not use seats if the backrest is folded forwards.

Folding back the rear seat backrest

  • Fold back the rear backrest and push it firmly into the lock until it clicks securely into place .
  • The red marking on the release button(s) should no longer be visible.
  • The rear seat backrest must always be securely engaged.
  • Fit the head restraint again, if necessary, and adjust it to suit your size .

Folding the rear seat cushion back

  • Fold back the rear seat cushion and push it under the belt locks and the lap belt, as may be necessary.
  • Holding it by the front edge, push the rear seat cushion down until it can be felt to engage.


Injuries can be caused if the rear backrests are folded forwards and backwards carelessly.

  • Never fold the rear seat backrest forwards or backwards while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Ensure that the seat belt is not trapped or damaged when folding back the rear seat backrest.
  • Always keep hands, fingers, feet or other body parts away from the seat area when folding the backrests forwards and backwards.
  • Make sure that each rear seat backrest engages securely in the upright position, otherwise the seat belts for the rear seats will not work properly. This applies to the centre seat of the rear bench seat in particular. If a seat is occupied and the backrest has not clicked securely into place, the seat occupant and rear seat backrest may move forwards in the event of a sudden braking or driving manoeuvre or during accidents.
  • The backrest has not been secured properly if you can see the red marking on button . Always ensure that the red marking is never visible when the rear seat backrest is in the upright position.
  • Passengers (adults and children) must not use seats if the backrest is folded forwards or is not clicked securely into place.