Volkswagen polo sedan air conditioner does not turn on. How does the air conditioner work on a Volkswagen Polo sedan

There was a time when not many cars drove with closed windows. And, as a rule, wealthy people were their owners. Only they could afford the comfort during the hottest season. The present time dictates its own rules. And today, almost every car has built-in air conditioning and climate control. Volkswagen polo sedan cars of the new configuration are equipped with a climate control function, which fully justified itself in the first years of operation. It’s a pleasure to use it.

What is climate control

Climate control is a unit located in the front panel of the car. The appearance design is slightly different. The back part can protrude if the board is placed in a prone position, or be shorter. At the same time, the direction and connections in them are identical. They have the same connectors, are interchangeable. All blocks are the same in function. Control can be both mechanical and sensor.

All climate control elements are interconnected by aluminum tubes. They create a sealed vicious circle. Therefore, when repairing faults or routine diagnostics, special attention should be paid to those areas where there are bends. Since bends can disrupt the operation of the air conditioner and cause serious damage.

Problems during operation

No matter how many positive reviews they say about the system, but, like all equipment, breakdowns and malfunctions are inherent in it. When some function does not work, you need to diagnose and fix the breakdown. There are several typical reasons for the problems of operating climate control in a Volkswagen polo:

  • The circulation of coolant through the system is the main task of the compressor. During full operation, a click is heard when the air conditioner is turned on. When vibration appears or the clutch starts to creak, this is a reason to diagnose and fix the breakdown. If there was no click, it is possible that fluid has leaked out, the pressure sensor has broken, or the compressor has blocked.
  • Radiator corrosion. I recommend cleaning it at least once a year. Cleaning must be done carefully so as not to damage the ribs of the structure. Unfortunately, even careful handling during washing cannot prevent corrosion. After a few years, small holes begin to appear. Having patched them, new ones are formed, in another place.
  • Coolant contamination by dust and dirt in the interconnected unit and receiver dryer. The process takes place due to the interaction of the silica gel granules with the cartridge. When repairing an air conditioner, the filter must be changed.

System repair and diagnostics

Preventing damage is much easier than fixing it. System treatment always begins with its diagnosis. In order to maintain climate control in working order, you need to regularly, according to the instructions, clean the filter and change the fluid.

The first thing to check in the air conditioning electronics is the presence of faults. If there are errors, go to the measuring blocks and view the readings from 11 to 16 blocks. The calculated and current values u200bu200bmust match. If they float, the damper needs to be cleaned or replaced. When the temperature on the climate control changes, the value of the dampers changes.

After that, adapt the climate control. It takes 30 seconds. For its implementation in the basic parameters, you must select 1. Then read and turn on.

If, during the diagnosis, a compressor breakdown was detected, it can be solved with the help of a wizard on the observation deck. The coolant is removed from the system, the pads and wires are disconnected. It is worth paying attention to the condition of the belt and bracket. If they are worn out, they must be replaced. An emergency valve is provided on the sedan for the compressor. When the pressure significantly exceeds the norm or the sensor stops working, the valve is torn off and the coolant is removed outside. Therefore, after eliminating the breakdown, the valve must be changed. It is better to change parts for new ones, not used ones.

Refueling of coolant must be carried out on time in specially designated valves. In addition, it is worth keeping an eye on the interior temperature sensor. It is important that dust and dirt do not get into its holes. This entails malfunctions and incorrect readings of the device.

Air conditioning system polo sedan compressor type. The heater units and the heat exchanger of the air conditioner evaporator are arranged in one block. The controls for the air conditioning system are located on the panel, which is common with the controls for the heater

A schematic diagram of the movement of refrigerant in an air conditioning system is shown in the schematic diagram below.

Schematic diagram of refrigerant movement in the air conditioning system: 1 — combined pressure sensor; 2 — section of the high pressure pipeline; 3 — receiver-dryer; 4 — service valve of the high pressure line; 5 — condenser (air conditioner radiator); 6 — fan of the condenser and radiator of the cooling system; 7 — air conditioning compressor; 8 — section of the low pressure pipeline; 9 — service valve of the low pressure line; 10 — heater fan; And — evaporator; 12 — thermostatic valve

The compressor is installed on the engine block and driven by a V-belt, the compressor circulates the refrigerant in the system. The compressor shaft is mounted in the aluminum front cover of the housing on bearings and is sealed on the side of the drive pulley with an oil seal.

The compressor drive pulley is mounted on two Why does the air conditioner immediately turn on on the Polo sedan

The air conditioning compressor clutch does not engage. There is no mass on the air conditioning compressor. VW Golf 4, Passat, Polo, Bora.

Dec 5. 2012 — The air conditioner turns on itself: . It turns on almost immediately when the heater is turned on, apparently in order for the exhaust gases to .

My review of the «Polo sedan»

Russian «Volkswagen»
As you know, the Polo sedan was developed specifically for the Russian market, and it is also assembled in Russia, at the VW plant in Kaluga. The build quality is excellent. If on the forums about other foreign cars assembled in Russia you can find reviews that there are shoals like protruding burrs or loose parts in the received cars here and there, then everything is done very neatly and smoothly here. No differences from the «European» Polo hatchbacks.
However, I still found the assembly marriage, and what a one! As soon as the spring rains and slush began, the most unpleasant thing appeared: in damp weather, when the air conditioner was turned on from somewhere from under the glove compartment, about 100 ml of water was injected onto the front passenger’s mat under pressure. The situation was repeated periodically, apparently as water was collected somewhere inside the car.
In May I went to the official service, Avilon. They checked the drainage (it turned out to be in order), poured water on the car at the car wash — they did not find anything, the effect did not repeat itself (I suspect, they didn’t pour it much). They sympathized by inviting them to drive into the rain, as the water would again be on the rug. At home, having scratched his turnips, he decided not to wait for the weather from nature. After all, there cannot be only me such a defect for tens of thousands of machines assembled on the conveyor? I sent a message through the form on the website to the Russian Volkswagen with a description of the problem and asked to direct me to a service that has experience in eliminating such malfunctions.
Four days later, they called me from Volkswagen and said that the same Avilon would fix the defect — they would give him appropriate recommendations. Then they called from the service, invited to call in. Interestingly, a Volkswagen representative came to service my car. As a result, it turned out that when assembling my car at the factory they forgot to glue the seam under the plastic apron, on which the «wipers» lay. Water penetrated through this seam causing the problem described. The seam was sealed, and — now there were two heavy rains — everything seems to be in order.
The service representatives swore and swore that the defect was indeed very rare. In general, this can be believed, since Avilon is one of the largest VW centers in Moscow and with their volumes they would certainly have faced this problem if it were more or less widespread. In addition, at the request of a Volkswagen representative, the place of repair was photographed — obviously, they do not do this with a normal malfunction, organizational conclusions will follow.
Otherwise, there are no problems. Even the bulbs didn’t burn out.
Engine and transmission
One engine is installed on the Polo sedan — a regular aspirated 1.6 liter and 105 hp, and a mechanical or automatic 6-speed gearbox (I have the last one). When I was choosing which car model to buy, this engine seemed frivolous to me: Koreans, for example, in Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio put engines of the same volume, but with a capacity of 122 forces. But it turned out that the Korean «horses» are somehow deadlier than the German ones: their more numerous herd develops almost the same torque (155 Nm versus 153 Nm for the Polo), and at 4200 rpm, while the Polo — at only 3800 rpm .
It is believed that with the «automatic» you need to put more powerful engines, that way 150 forces. Otherwise, like, «does not go». Nonsense! 105 h.p. Polo in combination with an automatic transmission allow you to drive the car quite effectively. Changes, overtaking, sharp jerks into the formed gaps in traffic jams — no problem. And this is even in the simple operating mode of the box, but there is also a sporty («S»), in which the gears are shifted up more slowly and downward — faster, so this is generally fire. In both modes, the reaction to the gas pedal is adequate: you press medium — the car immediately picks up speed, you press «on the floor» («kickdown») — a pause of 1-1.5 seconds, shift down and jerk forward. There are no sensations like «not going» and not close.
By the way, who doubts what to choose when buying a car — a mechanic or an automatic — for me personally, a mechanic is now (Polo is my first car with a gun) is dead. The automatic transmission is just incomparably more comfortable. And conversations like “I like to feel the car” are, in my opinion, from the category of conversations about “warm tube sound”. By the way, VW has a manual mode on the automatic transmission — you pull the handle, changing gears up and down. Well I tried it, well it works. But why? I never used it anymore.
Comfort and more
The relative budget of the car imposes certain restrictions. Noise isolation is weaker than that of the next class car — «Jetta», the sound of the engine is not so muffled. But, nevertheless, the noise in the cabin is quite acceptable, you can talk and hear the interlocutor at 120 kilometers per hour without straining.
The desire of Volkswagen marketers to emphasize the differences between the Polo and other, more expensive models sometimes makes it ridiculous (sadly). For example, I have such expensive options in my car as climate control, leather multifunction steering wheel, heated windshield, ESP system, side airbags. But on the other hand, there is no lighting lamp for the rear passengers (after all, a penny plafond!). Also, here they saved on, again, a penny illumination of the glove compartment (it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t use it, but people howl on the forums). Trunk lighting (if such a booze has already gone) is.
The head unit and acoustics are very pleased. I, of course, am not a maniac (see «warm tube sound»), but somehow there is no desire to improve. Here, however, on some songs, where the low frequencies are specific, the door trim begins to resonate. Probably, it is necessary to make noise insulation after all.
The stove is weak. At temperatures below -10, the interior warms up for a long time: only after 15 minutes you can be in it without a hat, and after another 15 it becomes quite comfortable. But this is a drawback of many cars, including much more expensive ones, so this evil is inevitable.
In general, the impressions are mostly positive.

What to do with air conditioning in winter? | All-Russian club .

Apr 4 2015 — All-Russian club Volkswagen Polo sedan . The air conditioner does not work if the outside temperature is below 4 degrees, even if you turn it on, it will not work, so . my kander does not turn on in winter. . I tried to sweat the window in the winter, it didn’t sweat without the kondeya, turned it on immediately.

Not a shkodochka, but close.
It so happened that at the end of last year another car was needed, inexpensive, not for long, new and profitable. So that you can dispose of the existing Izh Odu and, in general, a new car, it is always nice. Even the budget one. Therefore, all representatives of the B class were scanned — solaris / rio, logan, polo and even Vesta. Initially, the polo was not a favorite, but the arrival of the new CWVA engine immediately made it one. Logan was obscenely expensive for the wretchedness that he is, Vesta upset the French checkpoint, and Koreans . Koreans are Koreans. Well, of course, there is also a divine shkodochka — rapid, and they began to put CWVA on her since the summer, but she did not fall into the «budget» category.
In short, the people’s wagen is the new polo. Just polo, because someone decided that sedans are needed in Russia. Well, at least we have normal sedans, and not like in India:

So, we have normal ones. In the summer, they did a little facelift, and in November they finally delivered a new engine. With the old CFNA polo was not even considered for purchase. Not because it would have broken — but simply because I do not like flawed solutions. A cold, noisy and rattling engine is not interesting. I quickly phoned all the dealers, and one of them had four suitable cars in stock. True, while I was thinking one evening, I have already bought three. Silver remains. He was issued. With a discount of 110 thousand — this is including recycling. He disposed of his ilk quickly, and the polo arrived from Moscow in a week.
Comfortline equipment — the radio tape recorder can communicate with the phone via bluetooth, heated seats and mirrors, but there is no remote control. It’s not terrible, but you have to put an alarm. The savings are cheap, but the inconvenience is a lot. Moreover, Volkswagen puts different comfort blocks, and you can pick up a key from an aliexpress for some. I was not lucky 🙂 Well, I didn’t buy another block — the signaling was cheaper. The redneck of Volkswagen also manifests itself with mud flaps — there are no front or rear ones from the factory, and the original ones cost indecent money, although they are sold for a humane 700 rubles. The steering wheel has now become «leather», three-spoke. Truth without radio control. But with terrible glossy inserts — however, it is better than painted plastic from Koreans.
In the cabin, I also took original rugs for 4000 — plastic troughs with a pile coating.
After two days of operation on summer tires (cordiant sport 2 was from the factory) I realized that with studded wheels I would go crazy from the noise. There are practically no noise on the arches. Therefore, I bought a European non-studded shoe pirelli snowcontrol 190 serie 3. At the same time I tested it, as in St. Petersburg in winter without studs, although I am an adherent of studded winter tires in our climate. But it turned out — you can ride. Although you can ride in the summer, for that matter.
Well, in 4 months I dashed off 10 thousand. There should have been more, but for various reasons it didn’t work out. It’s for the best.

What conclusions can be drawn?
The car is very budget. It is felt in everything. It looks like a Volkswagen only from the outside. And for the rest of the indicators — about the level of viburnum. You can hear the engine perfectly — I can’t imagine how it was with the old chain one. The exhaust system grumbles. Noise from non-studded tires is the same as in an octave from the gislaved nordfrost 100. Controllability . I don’t know why the polosedan was so praised in Autoreview. Nothing remarkable. Although, I agree — this is against the background of the rest. The rest are worse. We upset the glass — scratches from the scraper are the norm, but in such a short period the right wiper began to rub the windshield. despite the fact that I rarely use wipers 🙂
They say the headlights have become much better — maybe. It shines well.
The engine heats up very quickly. But there is little sense from this: the interior warms up only after half an hour. The design of the stove has not changed, as a result it is cold in the car. Although in octavia with the same engine, there are no heating problems. But here everything is subjective, I just like it hot, and for someone, even 18 degrees in the climate is already Tashkent.
There are no speakers at all. Although the passport numbers are the same as the Octavia with 1.2tsi — but the Skoda is just an airplane in comparison with this atmospheric miracle. When trying to go faster, it also eats a lot of gasoline, however, when driving a turtle — only a little more than tsi. Although it accelerates to 160. Average consumption is kept at about 6.5. The Skoda was the same, but I drove by far faster. She allowed 🙂
The trunk is not bad, the spare wheel trough is great. I threw out the spare wheel, and put a bunch of useful things there. But the floor is made of thin fiberboard — like in viburnum. Alas. It’s cramped behind, but the three of us can be tamped. The tunnel is too big — one of the advantages of the Solaris / Rio in its absence.
In general, half a million is more than a worthy option, especially given the current lack of choice. And this very lack of choice is very depressing .

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The following situation: when you press the button, it lights up, but there is no corresponding turn-on sound. The air is accordingly not blowing cool. I checked the fuses in the cabin, numbers 22 and 25, both are intact.

Already signed up to the officer. Who thinks about this? And yet, set the alarm for a week, could the installers screw up there somehow?

Volkswagen polo Sedan 2012, 105 l. from. — electrical and electronics

Guys, and on my way, when I was driving with kondeem into the salon, a pungent smell like log wiring and the condo finished working. Who thinks what?

Hey. And at the moment I have the same thing, the smell of something burnt and then I found that the climate is not cut in. You had a problem. Outside temperature 7. should have turned on.

The air conditioner compressor is dead. At the same time, I did not clean the radiator, it clogged, eventually overheating of the system, excess pressure and this is the result! Now the radiator and the compressor are to be replaced. Although the radiator may be washed off!

Have a good time of day. He does not plow you, the temperature does not affect the work of the air conditioner.

but at the car wash, when the car warmed up, I heard the condo cut in and the air blew cool.

A / C compressor clutch does not engage. There is no mass on the air conditioning compressor

Not the compressor clutch is cut air conditioner. On the compressor air conditioner no mass. VW Golf 4, Passat, Polo, Bora.

VW polo sedan ( air conditioning does not cool well) hot air flow damper!

Try turning it on again. Handle everything on the glass (up), press the a / c button. If it starts, there will be a characteristic click. Look at the compressor, the pulley should be spinning, the engine speed will drop slightly, the evaporator fan will turn on. (depending on the temperature) If you have it, then everything is fine. There will be a question about the cold, write

Hi, tell me the same story, the indicator lights up but does not turn on and there is no characteristic click, where to go to look, maybe there is a relay?

Infa was confirmed, I checked it at the sink. Conde turns on and works))

Check the freon pressure in the circuits. Describe the problem in more detail.

i think on the outs I will find out 100% works he or not)

It was like that in the spring, but the degree was 10 somewhere, rains, slush. In the morning I started everything worked, drove to my mother-in-law, went to her for half an hour, then went out, started it, drove off and I feel just stuffy and horrible and the windows are sweating. I let’s poke the kondeya button (I have climate control), but nothing happened! In the evening I climbed into the Internet, and I just didn’t read a hundred there, I decided to also sign up for the service in short! BUT! Having started the car in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised, works

well, right now, -3 shows, tomorrow if it is the same I’ll go to the garage and check there.

below 4 will not turn on.

Where does this information come from?

how many degrees outside? after 0 degrees it will not turn on.

The new Volkswagen Polo is a very popular vehicle in the world, including in Russia. Our client is left with the fact that the eminent German manufacturer was able to combine several important features in this car: usually the highest German quality and the price, which makes this car very easy .