VW Transmission automatic 6 speed 2007 rabbit

Asked by LeafRiverKid Feb 06, 2019 at 09:57 AM about the 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 2.5L 2dr

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

I have an intermittent problem it seems like when it
warms up or it’s been sitting idling for a while then
it starts to act up almost like maybe some seals
and valve body are allowing the shift solenoid to
either operate too early or doesn’t operate that’s
my first thought. When the weather is really cold it
runs perfect. I’m talking about my transmission the
engine runs fine no question on that but the
transmission will stick in first gear and it’ll start to
shift really really hard after it whines out and then
you can let off the gas and hopefully you can shift
it like an automatic and you do it slow so you don’t
hurt anyting that seems to be the first stages you
will get a hard shift and it just doesn’t shift nice
through the gears then it seems to progress where
it with the engine winding out more winding out
before it shifts . at this same time when trying to
go over to the manual shift side and go up and
down does change a little bit . in this stage only.
The shifting problem progresses to no response
. continuing at this stage. The indicator shows
1st but when you’re in first gear it’s actually shifting
back and forth between first and second now this
progresses I move the shifter back to automatic
and I can turn the key off, not lock position, and
wait a few seconds 8 seconds 10 seconds 15
seconds turn it back on and sometimes it would
straighten it out but lately it has not. and then it
pregresses on to where the shift indicator on the
dash. The LED completely kites up. During this
together trans is actually sticking in 4th gear and
all of a sudden the indicator lights shift indicator
lights will block out completely you can still see the
letters but it’s like the whole LED screen of the shift
indicator lights up at that point you can’t even go to
manual up or down won’t matter it’s almost like it’s
stuck in 4th gear so you drive it really easy and if
you’re going down the road it’s not bad but
climbing hills is not good. Flat roads are OK to
drive for a bit, reverse does work. While stopped
shifting to D shifts really hard.. I’ve had it before
where it was stuck in lower gears and it feels like
it’s in forward and reverse gear cuz it’s like the
break is hooked up to the gas soon as you slow
down it’s like you put on a brake ..that’s happened
before also. now today. I’ve got to this place
before right here in this progressive state where
the indicator light is blocked out and I pull over and
I waited a half hour and it clears and runs perfect it
might be a little while before it starts acting up
again in a while I would say 300 to 400 miles 3
days . what I have done so far is change the fluid
and filter with the good German brand that’s on
eBay comes with a kit it got a lot better but it’s still
doing it same issues just not as often. I’ve had this
happen where I couldn’t get above 10 15 miles an
hour that was when it felt like it was locked up in
first and reverse I pulled over turned it off weight
and 1/2 hour and everything straightened out so
I’m not sure if there’s more than one problem is
there a transmission computer situation the
computer for the car valve body inside the
transmission possibly solenoid issues seals but
I’m not sure if they have them inside the cell night
area so that could probably be electrical I don’t get
any codes I have a standard reader from Harbor
Freight it’s the better one but still I don’t have any
codes I was thinking about putting in some Lucas
Oil but I thought I’d ask you first if you had any
thoughts thank you I absolutely love my car I love
the way it drives looks feels everything that’s my
only complaint

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LeafRiverKid answered 3 years ago

Additional info. While waiting the half hour for The trans to reset. I left my key on. Then turned off. The indicator lights where still blocked out. Turned off and went to do an errand library type thing and when I came back and started. Indicator light same blocked out. But. Trans operated normally. Moved shifter sideways to manal mode and perfect shifting up and down.. Indicator Lights are still blocked on. Previously I stated blocked out. They were actually all lite up in that small rectangular indicator on digital dash .

LeafRiverKid answered 3 years ago

Additional info. when I serviced the transmission there was according to the directions

LeafRiverKid answered 3 years ago

Additional info. Ignition switch intermittent. Divers door window automatic lowering or raising of window did not work, then once the drivers window would not operate passenger window. When Turing ignition key off. Sometimes radio turns off and back on.. Or off and I have to turn on the radio. and the dome lights on then off then on after a few. Almost like the timer looses power than gets power back on.

Guru3TRZD answered 4 months ago

Hi, Im having similar problems. Did you ever figure out what was wrong?

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