Thread: Rear folding seat is stuck in position

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  • Hi guys and gals, i have a bit of a problem where my REAR seat (behind driver+rear center console) is stuck and will not fold back down. I have an 06 Passat 2.0 TDI — leather int — if that is in any way useful. If anyone could help me with this is it would be greatly appreciated. NB the problem occured 4 days after my 3 yr warranty ran out, and i’ve just hit 61,000 miles, so needless to say my local VW garage was less than helpful. Their suggestion was to ‘break it’ and buy a new ‘mechanism’. Many thanks, Neil

    What is stuck? The backrest or the button/lever operated to release the backrest latch? Is the red tab visible? Has the seatbelt (or something else) got jammed between the folding part of the backrest and the fixed part next to the door aperture? Has someone used the emergency key to lock the latch mechanism?

    I’d be wary of the garage advice because a new mechanism may include a new lock barrel so may not be inexpensive.

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    The red tab is not visible, but by pulling on the release lever you can see that it wants to pop up, but something in the latch seems to be stuck or jammed. The key is definitely set to the open position. The seatbelt is fully functional( not stuck). Is there a ny way to get behind there to have a proper look?

    Dunno about that. You can see little of the latch and then only when the seat is lowered IIRR. Examing the back of the working half should confirm or deny this and maybe give you some idea what happens when the lever is operated. Only had this problem on a 2000 Audi A6 which on the face of it appeared to have the same mechanism. Think I solved it by steadily pulling on the lever while firmly pushing on the backrest or even thumping it hard with the heel of my free hand near its edge where the latch is located. Never figured out the cause but at least I had a solution.

    Nileshdass — I have the exact same problem. I can’t get the red popup thing to pupup, it’s stuck. have you managed to resolve your issue? If so, please advise.

    my last passat done this and it was the spring at the bottom lock mecanisem i managed to push it up and it held okay hope this helps.

    Happened to me, unclip the trim, from the seat the lock barrel will come away with it. Push over the slider on the lock, should now open. When fitting it back make sure every thing is in the right position (mine jumps out again as soon as used) may work ok or be snafu. Option z, the main dealer «around 300 mate»is not viable. Sods law, happened a few weeks out of warranty.