Thread: Polo 3dr Passenger Seat will not fold forward

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  • 2002 Polo 1.2 3 door has a passenger seat that will not fold forward to enable people top get into the back. The handle moves fine and it feels like the opposite side of the seat that is holding the seat in place as the handle side of the seat seems to be OK to move.

    The wire which runs from the handle to the locking device,is either broken or stretched

    Whats the best way of getting to it to replace it? Also how much is a new one usually?

    You need to pull the upholstery up to access the wire,the it can’t cost all that much

    Pull up the seat cover from the bottom on the back of the seat.

    Check that the plastic clips that hold the wire/cable sleeve to the seat frame are OK. One of mine snapped a while ago.

    When it snaps the wire and the sleeve move together meaning you can pull all you want but the far side doesn’t unhitch.

    Simple cable tie it back on and it stops the movement of the sleeve and allows the cable to move inside again.

    Hope this helps.

    Many thanks for your pointers, the sympton you’ve mentioned Dan are the same with this one. I’ll have a cushy next week and let you know how I get on.

    Thanks again

    Have checked the seat and the cable on the handbrake side is stretched. How can I go about replacing this, I’d prefer not to remove the seat but I’d imagine it’ll make the job a lot less fiddly. Also the guide I’ve got is for an older Polo as handle removal is very different!

    Also is the cable I need an outer or inner one and has anyone got the part number so I can ask the main dealer for a quote.

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    I had the same problem but it was a coin trapped against the mechanism down the side of the seat.
    It wasn’t allowing the release catch up far enough to let the seat go forward. It ruined the 50p coin but glad to get it working again.

    Unfortunately having poked around and investigated the cable I can confirm it is stretched and it hasn’t got any foreign objects blocking the mechanism unfortunately for me!