Volkswagen Crafter 2 THAT have idling problems

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2014 VW Crafter Cutting out on hot re-start p0016

2014 VW Crafter Cutting out on hot re-start p0016

Post by langleygarage » Wed May 08, 2019 5:30 pm

I’m having trouble with a 2014 2.0 cr tdi Crafter engine code CKUB

It starts perfect when cold but has an intermittent hot re-start problem. When up to temp it will start up, run for 1 second and then cut out. Next turn of the key it might do the same or it might start normally.

It stores a DTC: 4096 CMP sensor G40 / Engine Speed sensor G28 incorrect correlation P0016

The Cam and Crankshaft sensors have been replaced (by another garage) with genuine VW items, mechanical timing has been checked twice and found to be okay.

I have scoped the Cam / Crank signals but when compared to another known good it appears to be a few degrees different. Possible crankshaft impulse trigger wheel / worn key way on crankshaft pulley?

The signal I’ve captured is roughly 5 degrees different at the point of cutting out compared with starting / running normally. Would that be considered excessive?

Questing is how much tolerance is there in the cam / crank correlation before the DTC is stored and should there be any variation (few degrees one way or the other) in the signal?

Just looking for a second opinion on this one as the trigger wheel is part of the rear main oil seal and I don’t fancy taking the gearbox out if I don’t have to.