Volkswagen Golf 7 fuse and relay

The 7th generation Volkswagen Golf has been produced from 2012 to the present. Years of production 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. Available with hatchback and station wagon bodies with turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines. In this publication, we will show where the fuse and relay boxes are located in the Volkswagen Golf 7 , as well as their photos and diagrams with a designation of the purpose of the elements. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter. At the end of the material you can download the Golf 7 electrical equipment manual. If you own the previous generation of the model, then read its description: Golf 6 .

The purpose of some elements in the diagrams may differ from the one presented and depends on the year of manufacture, configuration and country of delivery. In case of difficulty, contact your nearest dealer.

Passenger compartment

It is located behind the glove compartment on the driver’s side. To access, pull firmly on the left side in the direction of the arrow.

Photo for example

Next to it is the onboard supply control unit.



F4 10A Onboard supply control unit, Anti-theft system (7.5A) Infotainment control panel
F5 5A Data bus onboard diagnostic interface
F6 5A Anti-theft system sensor
F7 10A Heating and air conditioning regulators, Heater control module, Climatronic control unit, Air conditioning control module, Automatic transmission selector lever, Auxiliary radiator for the engine coolant heater, Heated rear window relay, Frequency receiver
F8 10A Rotary light switch, Electromechanical parking brake button, Moisture, rain and light sensor, Diagnostic connection
F10 10A Display Control
F11 10A Four-wheel drive control module
F12 20A Information Electronics Control Module, Infotainment Components
F13 15A Electronic damping control module
F14 30A Supply air fan control module
F15 10A Electronic steering column lock control unit
F16 7.5A Amplifier 2-way mobile signal (phone), Antenna amplifier, Voltage converter for USB charging module
F17 5A Instrument Cluster Control Module
F18 7.5A Rearview camera, Rear cover unlock switch
F19 7.5A Access / start system interface
F20 15A Seat adjustment
F23 40A Onboard supply control unit, headlight and exterior lighting
F24 30A Power sunroof control module
F25 30A Driver and Passenger Door Control Module
F26 20A Onboard supply control unit, 30A Heated front seat
F27 30A Digital sound system control module
F28 20A Trailer control module
F30 25A Seat belt pretensioner control module
F31 40A Onboard supply control unit, headlight and exterior lighting
F32 7.5A Front Camera Driver Assistance System, Remote Control Control Module, Parking Assist System Control Module, Parallel Parking Control Module
F33 5A Airbag control module
F34 7.5A Light switch, Interior rearview mirror, Tire pressure monitoring indicator button, Reversing light switch, Air quality sensor, Electromechanical parking brake button
F35 10A Diagnostic socket, Automatic dimming of the interior rearview mirror, Headlamp leveling and high beam adjustment, Headlamp leveling motor
F36 10A Daytime running light and parking lights and their control module – right
F37 10A Daytime running light and parking lights and their control module – left
F38 20A Trailer control unit
F39 30A Front passenger door control module, rear right glass motor, driver’s door control module, left rear window regulator motor
F40 20A Cigarette lighter, 12V socket
F41 10A Steering column electronics control unit
F42 40A Onboard supply control unit, Windscreen washer, Central locking
F43 30A Onboard supply control unit
F44 15A Trailer control module
F45 15A Seat adjustment, driver and passenger
F47 15A Rear window wiper motor
F49 5A Clutch pedal position sensor, starter relay
F51 25A Right front seat belt pretensioner control module
F53 30A Heated rear window

The fuse number 40, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

It is located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery and is covered by a protective cover.