Volkswagen Golf VI Fuse box

Years of production: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

There are some models from automotive giants that gained much popularity due to its useful features. Volkswagen Golf is also among those that have all the efficient features. This is the 6. generation Golf that was produced by the German automotive manufacturer as a compact car. These are also known as the nomenclature Mk as per the geographical regions.

Volkswagen Golf: Sixth Generation

The core manufacturing of this car is equipped with a front-engine. When the whole lineup of Golf 6 was launched, then it was available in different options such as three-door hatchback, five-door hatchback, convertible, Cabriolet, and saloon. Overall, this is a high- performance hatchback that can be a basic one also when it comes to everyday use. The design of Golf 6 model is more aerodynamic than helps in providing maximum fuel efficiency. This car is much quieter than its predecessors. The sixth-generation Golf comes with a turbocharged direct injection diesel engine, which helps in an effective working of the same. With the adaptive chassis control, the driver can select whichever modes from comfort, normal to sports. It varies from model to model and specifically on the accelerator, suspension, and steering.

The availability of different trim levels with specific features makes it a hit across the globe. With the availability of both types of manual transmission, this model from Volkswagen is capable of providing apt power. With the power-packed performance, this compact car also provides compelling safety features. It has gained the top spot in the 2012 IIHS.

This is one of the cars that are apt for the family as well as those who emphasize power- packed performance. Volkswagen has gained massive exposure with this model as it has acquired maximum sales among all the other models. The current edition of this model is also popular due to the upgraded features.

Driver’s side instrumental panel

instrumental panel

Number Amps Description
1 10A 16-pin connector (diagnostic​ connector)​
Instrument panel and switch illumination dimmer switch
Mass airflow sensor
Auxiliary heater operation relay
Electronic damping control module
Cornering lamp and headlamp range control module
Positive crankcase ventilation heating element
Left headlamp beam adjustment motor
Right headlamp beam adjustment motor
Adaptive cruise control sensor
Brake lamp switch
Parallel​ parking​ assistance​ control​ module​
2 10A Light switch
Brake lamp switch
ABS control module
Instrument cluster control module
Towing recognition control module
Power steering control module
Data​ bus​ on​ board​ diagnostic​ interface
Fuel pump control module
Selector lever sensor system control module
Engine control module
DSG transmission Mechatronic
3 5A Airbag control module
4 5A High pressure sensor
Oil levelthermal sensor
Climatronic control unit
Automatic dimming interior rearview mirror
Air quality sensor
Back-up lamp switch
ASR/ESP button
Heater/heat output switch
Garage door opener button 1
Automatic dimming interior rearview mirror
Tire pressure monitoring display button
Parallel​ parking​ assistance​ control​ module​
5 Not used
6 Not used
7 Not used
8 Not used
9 Not used
10 Not used
11 Not used
12 10A Driver door control module
Front passenger door control module
13 10A Light switch
16-pin connector (diagnostic​ connector)​
Rain/light recognition sensor
Rearview camera
14 10A Climatronic control unit
A/C control module
Selector lever sensor system control module
Auxiliary engine coolant heater radio frequency receiver
15 20A Vehicle electrical system control module
16 5A Release button in rear lid handle
17 5A Alarm horn
Interior monitoring transceiver module 1
Interior monitoring transceiver module 2
Vehicle inclination sensor
18 Not used
19 Not used
20 Not used
21 Not used
22 40A Fresh air blower control module
23 30A Driver door control module
Front passenger door control module
24 20A Left rear door control module
Right rear door control module
25 25A Heated rear window auxiliary heater
26 30A Left rear door control module
Right rear door control module
27 15A Fuel pump control module
Fuel pump relay
Auxiliary fuel pump relay
28 Not used
29 Not used
30 20A Automatic transmission control module
DSG transmission Mechatronic
31 20A Brake system vacuum pump
32 30A Converter with socket, 12 V-230 V
33 25A Power sunroof control module
34 15A Driver​ seat​ lumbar​ support​ adjustment​ switch
Front​ passenger​ seat​ lumbar​ support​ adjustment​ switch
35 10A Electronic damping control module
36 20A Headlamp washer relay
Headlamp washer system pump
37 30A Front seat heating control module
38 Not used
39 Not used
40 40A A/C control module
Auxiliary heater operation relay
41 15A Rear window wiper motor
42 20A Blocking diode 2
Cigarette lighter
12 V socket
43 15A Towing recognition control module
44 20A Towing recognitioncontrol module
45 15A Towing recognition control module
46 Not used
47 Not used
48 Not used
49 Not used

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Can this work on golf 2013 cabrio soft top eu model? Two doors

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Avec les chiffres sur la »panneau instrumental» cela aurait plus utile, ça commence d’en haut en bas ou inverse et de droite à gauche ou le contraire ? Merci quand même.

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Can these work on a 2011 Volkswagen Golf 6 1,4TSI Comfortline