Volkswagen Polo 3 Classic fuse and relay

The 3rd generation Volkswagen Polo is also known as the Polo Classic . Produced in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 with sedan and hatback bodies. This model was restyled in 1999. Accordingly, these changes also affected the electrical circuit of the car. In our material, we will show the general arrangement of the Volkswagen Polo 3 Classic electronic control units and describe in detail the fuse and relay boxes. Separately, we highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Location of control units


1 ABS electronic control unit
2 Heater / A / C blower motor resistor – in the heater block
3 Air conditioning / heater control unit
4 Accumulator battery
5 Central locking control unit – on the right side of the luggage compartment
6 Diagnostic Connector (DLC) -> 08/99
7 Diagnostic connector (DLC) -09/99> – behind the ashtray
8 Electronic engine control unit – on the resonator of the intake system
9 Cooling fan motor control unit
10 Relay fuse box, engine compartment
11 Relay fuse box, instrument cluster 1
12 Relay fuse box, instrument panel 2
13 Xenon headlight control unit (left)
14 Xenon headlight control unit (right)
15 Glow plug control unit – near fuse box, dashboard relay 2
16 Glow Plug Relay – Near Fuse Box, Instrument Cluster Relay 2
17 Headlight range control unit – on the left side of the luggage compartment
18 Sound signal – behind the bumper
19 Electronic immobilizer control unit
20 Ambient temperature sensor
21 Driver’s seat heating control unit – under the seat
22 Seat heating control unit, passenger – under the seat
23 SRS electronic control unit
24 Electronic gearbox control unit – on the resonator of the intake system

Passenger compartment

It is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side and is covered by a protective cover.

Type 1



1 A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
2 Rear window washer wiper relay
4 Relay for auxiliary ignition circuits
6 Turn signal interrupter relay
7 Headlight washer pump relay
8 Relay for intermittent operation of the windshield washer cleaner
9 Buzzer warning about left included dimensions
10 Jumper (rear fog lamp)
11 Jumper (beep)
12 Fuel pump relay
13 Glow plug relay
14 Intake manifold heater relay
F1 (10A) LH headlamp – low beam, headlight range control – left.
F2 (10A) RH headlamp – low beam, headlight range control – right.
F3 (10A) License plate lamp
F4 (15A) Rear window wiper
F5 (15A) Windshield washer wiper, windscreen washer nozzle heater
F6 (20A) Heater blower motor, A / C relay
F7 (10A) Lamps, front and rear – RH
F8 (10A) Lamps and Tails – LH
F9 (20A) Heated rear window
F10 (15A) Rear fog lamp
F11 (10A) High beam-left headlamp
F12 (10A) High beam – headlamp right
F13 (10A) Horn
F14 (15A) Reversing lamps, door mirrors
F15 (10A) Engine electrical equipment
F16 (15A) Instrument panel
F17 (10A) Turn signal bulbs
F18 (20A) Fuel pump, oxygen sensor
F19 (30A) Cooling fan motor relay
F20 (10A) Stop lights
F21 (15A) Interior lamps, central locking, instrument panel, diagnostic socket
F22 (10A) Audio system, cigarette lighter
F23 (30A)ABS
F24 (30A)ABS
F25 (50A) Glow plugs

In this version, fuse number 22 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2



1 10A oxygen sensor heater
2 5A license plate light
3 10A fuel injector
4 5A side light LH
5 5A side light RH
6 15A rear window wiper
7 7.5A guide indicators
9 5A headlight range control
10 7.5A interior lighting, glove box light, vanity mirror light
11 5A diagnostic connector, air conditioning
12 10A Headlight, right
13 10A Headlight left
14 10A hazard warning light
15 10A brake lights
16 5A ignition switch, switch
18 5A heated mirrors
19 15A signal
20 10A Telematics
21 5A Electronic gearbox control unit
22 15A alarm system
23 5A EGR, air mass meter, auxiliary heater relay, glow plug relay
24 5A clutch pedal switch (Diesel)
25 5A Selector level switch (automatic transmission)
26 7.5A air conditioning, centrally controlled door locking system, electric windows, electrically heated mirrors, navigation system
27 5A instrument cluster
28 5A speedometer sensor device, automatic engine locking device
29 7.5A reversing lights, heated washer jets, headlamp alignment
30 5A EGR valve
31 10A motor control
32 5A Fuel Control Unit Shutdown (Diesel)
33 10A Electronic control unit gearbox
34 10A ignition transformer
35 25A hatch
36 15A motor control
37 15A motor control
38 25A Power Window Drivers
39 25A electric window for passengers
40 15A fuel pump
41 15A central locking, alarm system
42 15A radio, navigation
43 15A front and rear fog lamps
44 15A left headlight corrector
45 15A right headlight corrector
46 15A cigarette lighter
47 20A headlight washer
48 20A heated rear window
49 25A Heated Fan Motor
50 15A wipers
51 15A heated seats

The fuse number 46 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

As you can see from the example photo, the relay box in this version is located behind the fuse box. There may be the following elements:

  1. Alarm relay
  2. Windshield Washer Relay
  3. Relay for auxiliary ignition circuits
  4. Fuel pump relay
  5. Heated mirror relay

Engine compartment

It is located in the battery cover. Consists of high power fuses and fuses.


1 (110A) Generator
2 (80A)
3 (50A) Glow plugs
4 (50A) Diesel: Glow plugs. (30A) Gasoline: Air conditioning heater
5 (30A) ABS / ESP system
6 (30A) ABS / ESP system
7 (30A) Cooling fan motor
8 (20A) Air conditioning / heater
9 (10A) Air conditioning / heater

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