What Should I Check on My AC before Turning It On

What Should I Check on My AC before Turning It On…. Now that the winter is subsiding, the furnaces are slowly being shut down and stored for the next season, it may be time to really think about your air conditioning unit and prepare it for the next warm season.

Most home owners know that you need to have the AC inspected every year, so make sure you find a trusted partner for that like https://hughesairco.com/air-conditioning/repair-gilbert-az/. A properly inspected AC unit can serve you without a hitch for the whole cooling season, and the inspection can detect some issues which could potentially cause a major breakdown and cost you a lot of money. Here’s what a pre-use inspection includes.

Checking the Coolant Levels

Your AC relies on a chemical coolant to chill the air to a suitable temperature. This coolant is stored inside the unit and it is in a closed system, meaning no coolant is released into the air. Still, over time, or due to various leaks, the coolant levels can drop and the AC many become ineffective. The first thing people think in a situation like this is that their AC unit has broken down, which is not true more often than not.

Checking the coolant levels is probably the first thing a professional AC repair person will do. They can detect leaks in the coolant lines and the levels of coolant in the tank. If necessary, they will fill it up and your AC should be fine. Typically, you need to charge your AC once a year, at the start of the season.

The Air Filters and Ducts

If your AC is separate from your furnace, your AC ducts have been unused since the last time you turned on your AC, collecting dust and any other debris and germs. In the same vein, the filters in your AC unit need to be changed or cleaned every month or two for the same reason.

Seeing how long it has been quite a long time since you have turned on your AC, you should definitely change the filter and clean the ducts before you start the AC for the first time this year.

Give Condenser Coils a Clean

The condenser coils look very much like the radiator in your car, and they have pretty much the same function. However, over time, they collect grime and dirt and they need to be cleaned not only to improve air quality, but also to optimize the effectiveness of the whole system.

You can find the condenser coils inside the condenser box. They are typically difficult to remove, so it is a job best done by an AC repair professional, especially since it is fairly easy to bend the fins, which reduces the effectiveness of the whole system.

However, if you are keen on doing it yourself, you will need to remove the front and top panels to gain access to them. After that, all you need to do is unscrew the coils and wash them with a hose, or vacuum them with the vacuum cleaner.

Check the Fan

The condenser fan is a part of the outdoor unit, also called the condenser box. In order to reach the condenser fan, you may have to remove a few plastic or mesh covers. Once you reach the fan itself, you can clean the fan blades with a vacuum cleaner, as well as collect any and all debris which fell in and may cause problems to the fan.

Making sure that your AC unit is fully functional and clean is paramount to keeping it healthy and running for a long time.

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Updated: February 26, 2018 — 11:17 pm